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Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday!

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Artist's Bio

ArtByBelle Original Site is still running after 5 + years
with current Bio and sketch book feature!

Original Website - Is Powered By

Too Good to be True

I recently made the decision to switch to Zibbet solely and delete my Artfire account. I have had the Zibbet account for as long but was not utilizing it fully. Since the switch I have been in love with the ease and friendliness of the site, company and other sellers.

I was in no wasy interested when I received an email from a "Something Crafted" stating 'Zibbet is dead and they are the newest FREE way to sell'. I researched it a little and determined it was a spam with unknown intent. Just now I see that I have a generic mail message from Zibbet stating that the messages came from a Zibbet account and are phishing for either IDs or account transfers.

Furthermore, I can't  stand it when marketers try to pump up their product by putting down others. So even it had been legit and awesome I would have ignored the pushy message anyway.

This just goes to prove the old adage, "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!"

Feel free to stop in and see my newly renewed store on Zibbet and see if it's the right fit for you too!

Freebies are Fun!!

Art By Belle on facebook is hosting the Very First Giveaway!!!

Why??? Art By Belle is Giving away digital Art to break out of the 300 fans number and 
start growing the fan base again!

ABB fans get exclusive peeks at upcoming art for FREE 
and are notified of any and all sales before anyone else!!

It's Simple and Free to enter, and even easier to share!

Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday!

Celebrating 33!

Belle is officially 33! To celebrate over 20 years of sketching and creating, ABB is showing off it's colorful side.

Bohemian Candy is an exclusive, nature inspired jewelry and accessory line that features Belle's love for color, vintage and earthy design.

If you haven't already, stop in to visit and like the facebook page and browse the newly completed web page. You can join through facebook, request custom pieces and truly customize your experience. While there, be sure to upload your customer photos!

For those of you that read more than one of my blogs... I posted earlier in the Mom's Book of Worries about this amazingly neat idea for making printables into water pages for the kids. True to my word, I'm posting the pictures of my own DIY project here and on the MBOW facebook page.

First I assembled my supplies.

  • Printables on heavy weight white cardstock
  • Watercolor pencils & Sharpener
  • Water glasses
  • Paint brushes
In the future I want to try printing onto watercolor paper instead of card stock.

Next, I color in where the color should be and create patterns and dots with some of the watercolor color pencils. I chose two each for my kids to paint, and could have easily kept their attention longer had I made more of these for them!

My daughter cried for more, so I promised that tomorrow we'd do it all over again! More quiet time for me so win win! :)

Wordless Wednesday

She's Gone Country

Ok, you may be thinking I've gone completely Country with all these famous Country artist sketches, but I'm just attempting to sketch most of the performers at this month's Show-Me Music & arts Festival here in Springfield, MO.

My latest sketch honors Joe Nichols. I just love his messy hair. I bet it takes a lot of time and energy to look that perfectly disheveled!

I'm very excited to see some of these greats live. I know many of you are also, so I'm sharing my sketches on my blog and making them available to purchase at the music fest exclusively from Kel's Custom Designs. Look for her jewelry booth at the event and pick up your favorite sketch.

I'm even offering my actual original sketches, which I seldom release to the public. Tell Kelly Belle sent you!

Go to Venue Site

If you are attending and have a request let me know right away!

Country Babes in B&W

I would be remiss to sketch the hunky Country male singers and leave out some of country music's rising stars of the female persuasion. So for your viewing pleasure the first two ladies I have recently sketched in B&W are Kellie Pickler and Gretchen Wilson.

Kellie is most known for finishing sixth on American Idol's fifth season. Gretchen is most known for "Redneck Woman" but has had 5 top ten singles so far. Both are top selling artists and gorgeous gals! So here is my nod to these amazing women. Keep up the good work ladies!

Attention Vampire Diaries Fans

Order Now!

My latest request took me to the Vampire theme of forbidden love once again. For your viewing pleasure, my take on Damon Salvatore of the Vampire Diaries as portrayed by Ian Joseph Somerhalder. This hit CW series is based on the L.J. Smith book series and is currently still captivating viewers of all ages.

My Favorite Color is Chrome!

My favorite male Country recording Artist is Trace Adkins. The recently crowned American Idol has captured millions of hearts with his low baritone voice, but my favorite booming voice has always been Trace's.

He seems like a good 'ole boy with country character. Maybe that's why he has sold so many records!

Prints of my latest ink sketch will be made available soon.

Have I inked in your favorite yet?

Permanent Sketch

My newest Country Artist to sketch is Matt Kennon. I like to know my subject to get more details, and you might be surprised to know that Matt is adopted at birth. To get this as dark as possible I experimented with permanent ink. I had several sizes in my hand and loved the way it turned out!

My New Ink

OK, so not exactly what you may be thinking...

I'm not getting a tattoo of Tim McGraw, this is my latest sketch.

I wanted the contrast more severe, so I did the entire sketch with ink! No pencil lines and no smudging! The result was very crisp. What do you think?

Originally I wanted to complete a series of celebrity sketches in my sketch book and try to get them autographed, but this one was done on a separate sheet and will be made available in several sizes. Which do you think will be the most popular?

New Advertising!

I know I've mentioned VistaPrint before, but I really love this company! I was able to cash in on some frequent shopper deals and totally redesigned my advertising for

New Banner
Business Card
Now I'm ready for small set up displays and traveling with my work again. (Once my body catches up with me!) I look forward to showing off my new style and direction soon!

I loved placing large flowers and little hats on my infant daughter's head! I created several myself so she always had a darling accessory for her dresses each Sunday. Now that she's older but not much bigger, hair bow and clips have replaced the charming hats. Oh I still have them and they will no doubt grace my granddaughter's tiny head one day, hopefully far far from now!

But I was delighted to meet and retain the acquaintance of a very creative and posh bow maker here locally! She is like me, a mother and unable to curb her enthusiasm for creating unique accessories for her daughter, and other's daughters as well. Her passion has grown into a business, and I love the name! Princess Elise Bowtique, can be found on facebook. Stop in and like her page. You'll be glad you did!

go to fan page

Once she reaches over 100 fans there will be a giveaway, and who doesn't love those!? Valued at $20 it is sure to be worthy of your time. Make yourself or your favorite little princess, weither new born diva or teenage drama queen, happy with one of her creations today, but as always, be sure to tell her belle sent you!

New product idea

I have an Italian charm bracelet that I love. I was recently looking into getting some personalized photo charms for it and thought it would be fun to do some of my sketches as well.

So let me know what you think. Would you be interested in a sketch charm? Your favorite art by Belle original or even a custom order. Turn your photo into a sketch AND a high quality Italian photo charm!

I can't wait to hear from all of you!

New Spot in the same Locattion

 Come in to Our Cozy Cottage to see sketch cards and limited edition photographic prints. Now to the left of the register!

This is a unique gift boutique that features items from women entrepreneurs and crafters. The store in located in Springfield, MO on South Campbell Ave in the Parkcrest Shopping Center behind Bair's Restaurant.

They have several gift items to choose from and items for all ages. I am very proud to be included in this elite group. With offerings from candles to monogrammed towels to gourmet diaper cakes and soup mixes, the possibilities are endless.

I have created new packaging to complete my display for the store. Stop in to shop from the stock or go to Our Cozy Cottage Online Boutique and have it shipped to your front door!

I hope to see you there! Be sure to tell them Belle sent you!

Silent Auctions on Facebook!

Did you know facebook has silent auctions? Well, I didn't! But I was happy to participate in this particular one since all the money goes to create treat boxes for our troops overseas. To get to the auction go to...

Click on a photo you like and write your name and your highest bid under it in the comment box, YOU HAVE TO LIKE Treatboxes For Troops Page FIRST!!! You can bid on as many items and as many times as you like until it closes on April 7th.

When the auction is over, if you are the winner you will be sent an invoice. Once paid the person that donated that item will be sent your info to mail it out to you. There are a lot of very talented ladies waiting to mail out your items, so share the auctions with your friends!

See you at the auction!

ACEO Online Magazine

A Musical slide with all the entries for the month of March. (Mine is first, so you can't miss it!!)

Angela Taylor,creator and editor of ACEO Online Magazine, created this video. I think you'll love it!

My Latest Painting

Ok, it's minitature! ACEO sized painting with metallic green, glitter and some free style inking.

I was inspired by crisp and tart green apples, peridot gems and curling ivy...

without further ado:

What made me even attempt this tiny painting? My online group, ACEO Online Magazine. We had a monthly challenge for March of "Green". I think I nailed it! LOL Now for the voting!!

Wish me luck!

I won!

Before colorization.
I am so excited that my entry to the Jimmy The Sheep's Pet contest was selected as the winner! To see the post go to the Jimmy the Sheep Blog. You will my winning entry along with other sketches Jimmy's artist. You can even READ all about how Jimmy and Maggie meet Abby the Ladybug!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The winning card

To buy a Jimmy the Sheep card click here!

Happy 107th Birthday Dr Suess!

My ACEO creation to honor the Doctor that has kept all our childhood memories in rhyme! I do not like green eggs and ham, but that's just who I am!   ;)

Available for a limited time to purchase as the ORIGINAL on ebay!
A fellow ACEO Online Magazine artist has created this rather nifty little fellow. He is so cute he had to have his own blog.

This month there is a contest going to create a pet for Jimmy the Sheep. I got into the spirit of the quest and made an entry and a fan art card just for Jimmy!

Follow the link under the picture to follow along on her blog and to get all the details on how you can enter to win too. (The winner will receive their choice of Jimmy the Sheep art cards!)

My contribution to Jimmy:

Choose the Subject

I have been thinking of painting or sketching some of my photography since I started snapping shots. I've never gotten around to it...

So I'm asking for help! Look at the pictures in my Digital and Paint album and choose your favorite.

Leave your comments here or under the picture you choose. The most votes will get created!

Thank you for the help and support!

Ty Pennington Giveaway

I came across this giveaway from one of my subscribed blogs, and had to pass it along! Go to the ClothPaperScissors Blog to ENTER!

No, we're not giving away Ty Pennington. We're giving away some of his very cool fabrics.

You might be surprised to discover that despite all his resources (he is host of one of TV's most top-rated shows, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," after all), Ty has many of the same issues with his studio that you and I have:
  • ty pennington fabricshe has too much stuff;
  • there is never enough space;
  • he has to juggle a lot of creative interests at once.
What you might also find surprising is that Ty designs fabric, and he does it in a very mixed-media way, using sketching, photography, stamp carving (wood and rubber), and paint.

His new line for Westminster Fibers, Ty Pennington Impressions, is full of organic patterns he recorded on his travels, played around with in his backyard using paint and hand-carved stamps, and then manipulated in the computer. You can see a video of how he explains his process at

But if you want a sample of his fabric line, all you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win some beautiful one-yard cuts.

Just tell us what you'd do with the fabric if you won. Winner will be drawn Monday, February 14.

Yep, that's Valentine's Day. So, show Ty's fabric some love with your comment and don't forget to pre-order the Spring issue of Studios for organization tips and tricks plus 28 creative artists' studios.

That excerpt was from Cate's blog post. Make sure you GO to the Cloth Paper Scissors blog to enter!!

ACEO for Charity!

A fellow group member of mine, Joann Wheeler, has converted her Etsy shop to benefit a very noble cause...The Little Sisters of the Poor at St. Martin's Home in Catonsville, MD.

The Little Sisters have been caring for the needy elderly of Baltimore without interruption since 1869. That’s a long time! Today they face an unprecedented challenge because the 40 year old building is in need of major renovations in order to comply with Life Safety Code standards and meet the needs and desires of tomorrow’s seniors.

In order to help the sisters reach their budget, Joann is donating part of her sales toward the mission. Shop her special Etsy store, Artful Purpose and be a part of the solution!

Free Shipping on all Unframed ACEO's .
25% of all sales go to Little Sisters of the Poor at St. Martin's Home, Catonsville, MD

100% of any sales of Religious paintings/prints
go to the Little Sisters.

To learn more or to donate directly, please visit their website at

Feature Friday: Yarnabees

I love featuring new finds in my blog, but have decided to dedicate only one day per week to spotlighting these amazing artisans.

For my first Friday Feature I'm showing off the wonderfully creative crochet artist of Yarnabees on Etsy

Yarnabees Crochet Design

This crafter creates every item with love, joy and hope and that's what these charming critters will bring to you! The patterns are mostly custom design or that of Lion Brand, and are top notch in quality. One day you'll be able to see them all in a bound book, but for now you can order from her etsy store.

The cute factor is way up on these heirloom quality toys! Buy one for that landmark birthday or for the loved one in the hospital to bring back a memory of a cherished friend...these crochet pals will bring out the smiles and last through the generations.

The Valentine Turtle is featured in a current contest so be sure to Vote!! My favorite critter is the Jack Russel! How adorable is he? And no barking or accidents on the kitchen rugs makes him the perfect first pet. Order one today and make sure to tell her belle sent ya!

If you are on facebook, stop in and become a fan.

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