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Cold Twilight

I was inspired by this cold frozen day, with the warm sun giving up and going to bed. Just about everything was shades of blue and grey except for the bright wash of the sun over the water as it exploded through the branches and over the horizon.

What few geese were still brave enough to swim in the frigid water were making thier way to the shore, and even the sky seemed still. It was tranquil and beautiful.

The harsh contrasts set the shape of this tree off in a lovely relief that I just had to stop and enjoy. I think I shot about a dozen images of the same tree and the sun curtsying behind it. Every few seconds seemingly changing it forever. It was a cold winter day, and becoming colder with the setting of the sun, but increasingly stunning with the angles it created.

I could definitely understand why Monet or any of the greats would spend hours painting the same scene in varying shades with the sun changing everything subtly.

Twilight is truly a magic hour!

These images are now for sale in my artfire store. Let me know what you think by sending me a note on the facebook fan page.

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