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ACEO Online Magazine

A Musical slide with all the entries for the month of March. (Mine is first, so you can't miss it!!)

Angela Taylor,creator and editor of ACEO Online Magazine, created this video. I think you'll love it!

My Latest Painting

Ok, it's minitature! ACEO sized painting with metallic green, glitter and some free style inking.

I was inspired by crisp and tart green apples, peridot gems and curling ivy...

without further ado:

What made me even attempt this tiny painting? My online group, ACEO Online Magazine. We had a monthly challenge for March of "Green". I think I nailed it! LOL Now for the voting!!

Wish me luck!

I won!

Before colorization.
I am so excited that my entry to the Jimmy The Sheep's Pet contest was selected as the winner! To see the post go to the Jimmy the Sheep Blog. You will my winning entry along with other sketches Jimmy's artist. You can even READ all about how Jimmy and Maggie meet Abby the Ladybug!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The winning card

To buy a Jimmy the Sheep card click here!

Happy 107th Birthday Dr Suess!

My ACEO creation to honor the Doctor that has kept all our childhood memories in rhyme! I do not like green eggs and ham, but that's just who I am!   ;)

Available for a limited time to purchase as the ORIGINAL on ebay!
A fellow ACEO Online Magazine artist has created this rather nifty little fellow. He is so cute he had to have his own blog.

This month there is a contest going to create a pet for Jimmy the Sheep. I got into the spirit of the quest and made an entry and a fan art card just for Jimmy!

Follow the link under the picture to follow along on her blog and to get all the details on how you can enter to win too. (The winner will receive their choice of Jimmy the Sheep art cards!)

My contribution to Jimmy:

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