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Twisted Sisters

Newly posted to my ArtFire store and available directly from my Facebook page, "Twisted Sisters" is just in time for cold and spooky nights!

I love twisted trees, and this trio was perfectly poised near the edge of the lake. They were beautiful and gray. Weathered and exposed, and magnificent as trees almost always are...especially when they front a windy shore line.

I have made this print available as a mounted metallic print or a straight black and white image. I can't decide which I love more.

I truly enjoy the way metallic coatings enhance photography, and deepen a black and white image. They make a graphic image like a tree seem mulit dimensional and layered. It brings the subject forward in a way that the film cannot.

The "Twisted Sisters" is already full of texture and vivid interest, so the classical view of simple black on white is quite simply stunning. I found a new favorite image this year!

Shop my artFire store today and order your favorite version of this classic. Go to to shop direct or follow the links to my fan page on facebook.

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