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Wordless Wednesday!

Celebrating 33!

Belle is officially 33! To celebrate over 20 years of sketching and creating, ABB is showing off it's colorful side.

Bohemian Candy is an exclusive, nature inspired jewelry and accessory line that features Belle's love for color, vintage and earthy design.

If you haven't already, stop in to visit and like the facebook page and browse the newly completed web page. You can join through facebook, request custom pieces and truly customize your experience. While there, be sure to upload your customer photos!

For those of you that read more than one of my blogs... I posted earlier in the Mom's Book of Worries about this amazingly neat idea for making printables into water pages for the kids. True to my word, I'm posting the pictures of my own DIY project here and on the MBOW facebook page.

First I assembled my supplies.

  • Printables on heavy weight white cardstock
  • Watercolor pencils & Sharpener
  • Water glasses
  • Paint brushes
In the future I want to try printing onto watercolor paper instead of card stock.

Next, I color in where the color should be and create patterns and dots with some of the watercolor color pencils. I chose two each for my kids to paint, and could have easily kept their attention longer had I made more of these for them!

My daughter cried for more, so I promised that tomorrow we'd do it all over again! More quiet time for me so win win! :)

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