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Ty Pennington Giveaway

I came across this giveaway from one of my subscribed blogs, and had to pass it along! Go to the ClothPaperScissors Blog to ENTER!

No, we're not giving away Ty Pennington. We're giving away some of his very cool fabrics.

You might be surprised to discover that despite all his resources (he is host of one of TV's most top-rated shows, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," after all), Ty has many of the same issues with his studio that you and I have:
  • ty pennington fabricshe has too much stuff;
  • there is never enough space;
  • he has to juggle a lot of creative interests at once.
What you might also find surprising is that Ty designs fabric, and he does it in a very mixed-media way, using sketching, photography, stamp carving (wood and rubber), and paint.

His new line for Westminster Fibers, Ty Pennington Impressions, is full of organic patterns he recorded on his travels, played around with in his backyard using paint and hand-carved stamps, and then manipulated in the computer. You can see a video of how he explains his process at

But if you want a sample of his fabric line, all you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win some beautiful one-yard cuts.

Just tell us what you'd do with the fabric if you won. Winner will be drawn Monday, February 14.

Yep, that's Valentine's Day. So, show Ty's fabric some love with your comment and don't forget to pre-order the Spring issue of Studios for organization tips and tricks plus 28 creative artists' studios.

That excerpt was from Cate's blog post. Make sure you GO to the Cloth Paper Scissors blog to enter!!


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