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Country Babes in B&W

I would be remiss to sketch the hunky Country male singers and leave out some of country music's rising stars of the female persuasion. So for your viewing pleasure the first two ladies I have recently sketched in B&W are Kellie Pickler and Gretchen Wilson.

Kellie is most known for finishing sixth on American Idol's fifth season. Gretchen is most known for "Redneck Woman" but has had 5 top ten singles so far. Both are top selling artists and gorgeous gals! So here is my nod to these amazing women. Keep up the good work ladies!


  1. brendathour said...
    Crystal, these drawings are fabulous!!! I do believe you took that next step up in your art!
    Crystal "Belle" said...
    Thank you SO much Brenda! I am honored to receive such a high compliment from such a talented artist as you!

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