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Okay where is your mind? Hmmm This momma has tricks! But not the street walker variety. I am a multifaceted woman who enjoys her man her life and being able to stay home with our kids. But, why do I feel so useless?

I used to run a hospital unit, save lives, assist doctors, dole out narcotics and still make the supper and keep a clean house. Now it's a full time job keeping up with two kids and juggling a hobby. What happens to us as we add roles?

Where does that inner tigress go to hunt now that kids and home have us surrounded? I want to unleash the inner wild child and show my creativity again! I need to have an outlet to explore and quite frankly to vent. Art has always been that for me, but even that has been downsized.

What have other Mom's given up of themselves? Do we automatically do this? Some natural juggling act that we drop a few as we pick up more? I am trying to find a balance and fuel my creativity with new ideas and different mediums but it's hard to find the time let alone the energy. And then you add the budget crunches on a family of four with only one parent in the workforce. In today's economy? Wow. This is becoming a huge obstacle.

Hobbies should be cheaper! But is it a hobby if it is apart of who you are inside?

I wonder.

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