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The ACEO Project

My group of four Alice in Wonderland themed ACEO cards with colored pencil were created exclusively for my nieces and nephew. My new project encourages me to create monthly and exposes my family to original art.

I have three beautiful nieces and one totally cool nephew. They live almost a thousand miles away so i rarely get to see them. But to keep Auntie closer to them I decided to share the ultimate piece of me.

So for Christmas I created custom albums using three ring binders and scrapbooking supplies. They each have their own book full of empty trading card collecting pages and three original art cards to start them out.

Now, every month they receive one more card to add to their book. For January it was Alice in Wonderland. They get choose their favorite. This month I'm working on a more interactive gift and their cards will be chosen for them.

This is my ACEO project. The front of each book has a history on Art Cards and specifics. They can take them to school and have an artful yet educational show and tell. This is my creative solution to bond over the miles. I would love to hear your ideas, projects, and suggestions!

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