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Pyrography is the beautiful art of burning pictures into wood or leather.  Pyrography means "writing with fire" and is the traditional art of using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural materials.

It takes much practice and a steady hand as well as basic knowledge of various techniques and pressure changes. Varying the type of tip used, the temperature, or the way the iron is applied to the material all create different effects.

I recently discovered a little gem on Zibbet know as Breath of the Dragon. The artist responsible for these designs is talented and affordable. Shoe some love, befriend her on facebook and get to know her shop on Zibbet!

Pictured is one of my favorite creations of hers, the Celtic Pentacle box. I love Celtic designs and adore boxes, so this is a win win!


  1. Sunfire said...
    Thanks so much for the feature!
    brendathour said...
    This is beautiful! said...
    You are very welcome! Great work, you should be shown off more often!!
    Marlene said...
    She does beautiful work, thanks for sharing. Good to see your comments are working.

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