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Kaleidoscope of a Different Color

I found an amazing Kaleidoscope maker on facebook of all places and just HAD to share it with all of you! I loved my Kaleidoscope as a kid and will always remember how inspired that whirl of colors made me feel!


A Wright Made Kaleidoscope has over 25 years of craftsmanship incorporated in the woodwork. You know it will be durable and stay as lovely as the day you opened it. The laminated woodwork is amazing and the artistry of the oil filled designs are sure to be conversation starters in your office!

Buy one for you kids, one for yourself and one for the businessman who has everything. It will win you smiles every time. And the view you will be receiving is like non other!

The difference in the image reflected is in the mirrors used...

When an ordinary mirror is used in a kaleidoscope, light must pass through a layer of glass before being reflected by the silvering on the back of the mirror. Since glass is not perfectly clear or perfectly flat, some attenuation of the image results, along with “ghost images” caused by reflection off of the surface of the glass. These undesirable effects are compounded in a kaleidoscope mirror assembly and cause the viewing field’s outermost edges to dim, blur, and become full of interference lines.

By using aluminized front surface mirrors these problems are solved. Front surface mirror is made by vacuum depositing a highly reflective aluminum surface coating onto the FRONT of the glass. The light then reflects off the aluminized coating and does not pass through the glass. The high reflectivity (approximately 95%) and the absence of ghost images permits a brilliant image which remains clear and bright throughout the viewing field. The resulting “hall of mirrors” effect results in images and colors that are much sharper and more intense than would be possible using ordinary mirror.

Wright Made Products is hand crafting these and I think they are just plain gorgeous! What do you think? Stop by and become a fan on facebook and browse their Esty store to buy one today.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new found artisan. And I hope you feel inspired to bring out your original love for these hand held masterpieces!


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