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Movie Inspiration

Brandon Lee as The Crow

One of my favorite movies, The Crow, has inspired me to paint this profile of Brandon Lee in miniature. It was a painstaking process to try it so small, but it wouldn't be fun if it were easy!

I used a textured black paper for the base and I love the way it added to the depth. There is so much energy in that stare, and it is the absence of color that brings it out.

Artists always play with techniques and colors, and going back to the most basic of black on white is always a favorite of mine. This was a challenge in that it was reversed. The white on black is simple and stunning and perhaps a new favorite of mine.

This original painting is posted for sale on eBay now, you can snatch it up now by clicking HERE, and you can buy the crow ACEO card to compliment it in my Etsy Store.


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