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I was lost out there in cyber world for awhile until I found the team DAWG on Etsy. I joined up through the NING network they had at the time and grew to love that group very much!

DAWG stands for Designing Artists Women's Group. they are a very talented, wonderful group that love the Lord and art. I am lucky to be counted among them. They are a wealth of information, resources and friendship. I love that it encompasses all ages and styles! I have learned much about my own style both as an artist as well as a mother.

Thank you to all my DAWG sisters for helping cheer me on. We have moved as a group to a different site, so if you've been out of touch or want to join in, here is the link to my page there. (Link retracted for DAWG)

What groups are you a part of? And do they help you stay active in your craft? I think a great group will inspire you to try new things as well as improve your current favorites.

You can see more from my group by going to Etsy where I first found them, and searching DAWG team. Or just Click Here to See DAWG team Art on Etsy! and browse the favorites.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing!


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