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When all else fails...Create!

I have been feeling so low lately! Not at all creative, and very near blue. So to myself I thought am I entering a blue phase? Most artists are troubled individuals so it would not be a first or even hundreth really.

But all in all I believe I am just a plain ordinary woman with plain ordinary troubles. For someone who loves to be different this is far from reassuring! But it works.

To the point...I converted my low mood to a different path. So I don't feel like sketching or painting, I did however make a cute pair of earrings!

So the moral ladies and gents is that not every feeling you have is true, and when those negative ones are nagging you, convert it to something constructive. You never know what new hobbies await you!

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  1. Jason Michael Parrish said...
    All artists are mad, you know. It's because their work is done on that thin line separating the spiritual plane from the physical plane. Which is why they should also have a second job, like a police officer, to keep them grounded in reality.

    Personally I've taken up with prairie dog rustling. Keeping track of those dangerous creatures keeps the logical part of me grounded not only in reality, but grounded in the ground...literally speaking in a figurative way of course.

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