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Challenge yourself or a Friend!

I recently received a message through facebook from a friend offering a friendly challenge to get us both painting again. I would have never thought to do the same in reverse, but was so glad to have been challenged!

We decided on a Spring theme and are going for an ACEO or 4X6 size work of art that we can sell or auction off. It has to be water color and in that theme. We are both choosing from another friend's photos coincidentally and I cannot wait to see what she chooses!!

Just getting that email has started my creative processes again, and I am looking forward to plunging into watercolors again.

We may fail miserably, but as long as you try there is no true looser. So get out of your comfort zones. Challenge friends and neighbors to art offs and see what fun you can stir up. You might just help a stay at home Mom out of a rut or push a teacher toward new ground.

You never know how much you affect others until you try.


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