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Digital Art

I have always loved working with computers, part of my generation I'm told...

I chose to put art aside as a hobby and pursue a career in medicine. And now that I have suffered physically and mentally from working in a fast paced and aggressive job, where they eat their young and leave you to fend for yourself, I am returning once again to what made me feel alive.

Funny how having a family can make you see things differently. I mean, I live for my kids, and love my husband more than words, but I didn't feel complete. I was giving up something and didn't know how to correct that sense of loss.

I am not the biggest Oprah fan, but I watch her show occasionally...she had a series on finding what you are supposed to be doing. I asked myself what made me feel passionate, and it was always art, but especially the digital kind.

With one baby crawling everywhere, a new (yet tiny) adopted dog vying for my affection and a 2.5 year old playing ring master, my day is very full. I am always laughing at the antics in my own home, and rarely need the TV for entertainment. I started gaming online for a way to have 'adult' conversations and feel connected to 'big' people again, even if only virtual.

This led to creating my first flash point website, and I was hooked! I loved playing the game, but the website was where my passion was hidden. Creating something virtually and seeing it used and appreciated daily, that was very rewarding! And I accomplished that without leaving the house, or even bothering with a pinstripe suit.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my first website, which I gave to the gamers, and have started several since. I hope to be doing that for all kinds of people, groups, and businesses for a long time to come!


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